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Kang's Kitchen S3

Genre: ,

Pemeran Utama: , ,



Episode: 4 / 4

Durasi: 95 Menit

Kualitas Video: HD

Tahun Rilis: 2019

The loudest and chaotic restaurant on television comes to you again! In the new season, Kang Ho-dong and the NEW JOURNEY clan set a pop-up snack restaurant in Kyungju. For a week, they serve three kinds of noodles, two types of tteokbokki(stir-fried Rice cake) with large veggie fries, and stir-fried rice with an omelet. They also sell bingsoo(shaved ice) with homemade sweet red bean and delicious ice cream with funny-shaped cookies. However experienced they are, the clan is still a gang of mischiefs led by always-hungry owner-chef. They fight, make mistakes, and laugh at themselves every day. Can they successfully not screw up this time? Let’s find out with our fingers crossed!